We are leaving our book submissions open and are always happy to hear from you, but please note that we currently have projects in hand through 2019. 

We publish non-fiction, creative non-fiction, and realistic fiction.

Suggestions include: Pop culture. Coming of age. Travel. Culture shock. Going against the grain. Adversity. Triumph.

If you are interested in publishing with us, please first take a look at our Why Work With Us page. If you feel that we would be a good fit, e-mail us at

(i) a synopsis of your book

(ii) a sample chapter

(iii) a brief author bio

(iv) a description of the target audience

(v) the approximate word count for your full manuscript (our target word count is between 60,000 and 100,000 words).

Please ensure that your manuscript is complete or close to completion before sending your synopsis and sample chapter.

If we like your synopsis and sample chapter, we will request a copy of your full manuscript. Your manuscript should be sent as a Word attachment along with a completed author questionnaire and a written statement to indicate that your work is not plagiarized from any other source, does not libel or slander any other party, has not been previously published, and is not under contract for publication elsewhere.