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Why Fish Out of Water?

It’s a simple notion with endless possibilities.

We publish stories—non-fiction, creative non-fiction, and realistic fiction—about unforgettable circumstances and adventures and “normal” everyday happenings: coming of age stories; culture shock or going against the grain; of triumph over adversity; stories about the characters you have encountered in your travels, your work, or from growing up in your neighborhood . . . stories about extraordinary lives, ordinary lives, extraordinary circumstances, and ordinary circumstances.

What is ordinary? What is extraordinary? It’s all subjective. And in truth, everybody’s life is extraordinary since our experiences are unique.

We are looking for stories that entertain, educate, inspire; that break down barriers; that celebrate our similarities and differences regardless of age, gender, place of birth, place of residence, and background.

Our definition of “fish out of water” will continue to evolve. What indeed is a fish out of water?

You can help us decide. We look forward to reading your stories!

We are inspired by a simple premise—that WE ARE ALL FISH OUT OF WATER, navigating our way through life without an instruction manual. The more we learn about each other, the more we realize that we’re all one and the same, swimming in the big fishbowl we call earth! See you in 15 seconds!

Drop us a line at fowbooks@gmail.com.

Jon and Laurie Wilson, Ann Arbor, MI