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We share a deep fascination of culture; of life in other countries; of our diversity of beliefs, customs, and attitudes; of popular culture—music, movies, and sports . . . simply a fascination for what makes us tick.

We both know what it is like to be fish out of water—two people raised in northern cities of our respective countries, we soon found “two countries divided by a common language” with Laurie moving from Michigan in 1988 to live in Manchester, England for five years and Jon moving with Laurie from Manchester to Ann Arbor, MI in 1993. An early impetus for Fish Out of Water Books came from a book idea we have about growing up in the 1970s and 80s on opposite sides of “the Pond” with music and popular culture as the main backdrop. Our own fish out of water story idea led us to reflect on the vast range of fascinating fish out of water stories there must be out there . . . and the rest, as they say, is history!

Meticulous and dedicated, we each have over twenty-five years’ experience in publishing—from editing, proofreading, and layout to copy writing, marketing, and promotion.

We are excited to discover and share books that we want to read—and that you will too.

Drop us a line at fowbooks@gmail.com.

Jon and Laurie Wilson, Ann Arbor, MI