A word from our authors

Frank Morelli, author of “No Sad Songs”

“To work with Fish Out of Water Books is to uncover the full potential of your work through expert guidance and collaboration. From the moment I joined the Fish Out of Water family, I felt a deep, mutual respect between my editors and myself. They believed in my ability and in the work, and were tireless in their efforts to help me perfect it. My input was harnessed at every stage of the process—from cover design to editorial decisions to marketing strategies—all while the original vision for my novel was assigned the highest value. The editors provided me with the tools, the insight, and the opportunity to fully grasp my vision and to polish it into something that matched my intentions more closely than I ever could have dreamed. If a more enjoyable and more productive publishing experience exists on the face of this planet, I surely don’t know about it.”

R.J. Fox, author of “Love & Vodka: My Surreal Adventures in Ukraine” and “Awaiting Identification”

“Working with Fish out of Water Books is a writer’s dream. It is like having your own personal editor, agent, and publishing house all in one. They work not only in the best interest of the writer, but—more importantly—in the best interest of the book itself. I thought I was satisfied with the manuscript I submitted. However, the published version turned out better than I ever could have imagined. Even more miraculous was the fact that during the extremely collaborative editing process, I never felt I was surrendering, or compromising, my “vision.” In fact, if anything, the end product ultimately reflected my vision even more deeply than the version I initially brought to the table. In summary, I was one spoiled writer! I can’t imagine a more satisfying publishing experience. And in this industry, that’s saying a lot.”

Gary B. France, author of “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of United”

“From the moment I first contacted Fish out of Water Books, I immediately sensed their passion and professionalism towards my work. The ease with which we immediately established a working relationship, which was maintained throughout, was wonderful. Without doubt the close collaboration and obvious mutuality made me feel like I was in the hands of a publishing company that believed fully in my manuscript. Their suggestions, support, and reliability throughout the editing process were terrific, encouraging me to tell the story I have always wanted to tell. The entire project has been a deeply enjoyable and rewarding experience. Connecting with Fish out of Water Books has truly enhanced the final outcome of my book way beyond anything I ever could have imagined.”